Common parenting mistakes of Indian parents

Young Indians today are ruder than they were 10 years ago

Claimed by recent article in ‘Times Of India’ which further says: “all because of poor parenting”.

As an Indian and as a parent, nothing can be more offending for me than blaming Indian parenting. But is there any truth in what they are saying or is it completely baseless allegation?

There were many instances of children behaving erratically pointing fingers at Indian parenting. So, there is some truth in the allegation that Indian parenting is not up to the mark. Do you agree?


  • How come the parenting that gifted Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekananda to the world, became poor parenting now?
  • How come the land of Rama and Buddha is not considered as a place for best parenting?
  • How come the home to the only religion that worships females as goddesses is losing its ground as a home for best morals?

Probably, we are moving away from our roots

We are not telling our children about our rich culture and heritage. We are not teaching them about our values and morals. We are not introducing them to our great treasures of wisdom like Ramayana and Panchatantra. Even if we are doing to some extent, we are not doing enough to make them understand our value system.

The issue is, in the current digital world where the kids are addicted to gadgets, how to attract their attention towards story listening? Very difficult. How do we get their attention?

We need to tell them in their language. i.e. digital language. Through modern methods.

Here is the article that talks about poor parenting making Indians rude

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