Hanuman – the master communicator – Communication lessons from Ramayana Part – 2

In Sundara Kanda, Hanuman returned from Lanka after seeing Sita. All the other monkeys from his search group were waiting anxiously at the other end of the ocean. He told them that he could locate Sita in Lanka. He told them about how he reached Lanka. How he searched for Sita. How he fought with demons there and how he met Ravana. What he spoke with Ravana and how he set Lanka on fire. But not a single word about what he spoke with Sita and her message to Rama.

The whole group felt happy. They went back to Rama. Rama was anxiously waiting for Hanuman and the other group. All the other groups have already reached back without finding Sita. So, this group of Hanuman led by Angada was the only hope.

Hanuman told Rama ‘Drushtwa Sita’. ‘I have seen Sita’. Hanuman knows very well that Rama would be waiting for this message. Hence he started with what is the most important to convey. Then he narrated the whole story of how he found her, what was her plight in Lanka, what did he talk to her and what was her message back to Rama. He didn’t talk about how he reached Lanka and how he fought with demons etc.

What to speak to whom is very important in communication. And this is the best example of the same. The other monkeys in the group need not know about Hanuman’s conversation with Sita and her message. And there was no need to describe¬†about Hanuman’s bravery in reaching Lanka to Rama. And Hanuman, the master communicator, handled the communication accordingly.

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