Hanuman – Highly Dependable Warrior

All of us know Hanuman saved the life of Lakshmana during the war. But that was not the only occasion that he became the life savior. There were many other incidents that he saved lives and became dependable life savior. Here is one such incident.

In Ramayan, in Yudh Kanda, very fierce battle was going on between the forces of Rama and Ravan. Meghnath, son of Ravan came into the battlefield. He was a very powerful warrior and acquired all powerful celestial weapons. In the war, he used Brahmastra against the monkey force of Rama. Since it was a powerful weapon, all the force became unconscious.

Only Vibheeshan and Hanuman were unaffected and tried to bring the forces into their senses. Vibheeshan went to Jambwan and tried to wake him up. Jambwan said, ‘I am unable to open my eyes because of the power of this brahmastra. From the voice, i recognize you as Vibheeshan. Is Hanuman safe?’. Vibheeshan was taken aback at this. He said, ‘Jambwan, looks like you lost your mind because of the power of astra. I thought you would inquire about the welfare of Rama or Lakshmana or Sugreeva or Angada. Leaving all of them aside, you are inquiring about Hanuman?’.

Jambvan said, ‘Vibheeshan, I have not lost my mind, ┬áIf Hanuman is safe, everybody is safe’. And he was right. Hanuman brought the herbal medicines from Himalayas and helped the whole force to recover.

Hanuman, the life savior. Jai Hanuman!

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