For all fathers, why should you teach Ramayana to your kid

After Dasaratha ordered Rama to go to forest for 14 years, Kausalya, the mother of Rama who couldn’t bear leaving Rama argues that he need not obey his father.

Rama told Kausalya, “I have no power to violate my father’s words. I wish to go to the forest. I bow to you to secure your blessings. As the one who knows righteousness, I have to carry out my father’s orders. In the process of carrying out King Sagara’s orders, none of his sons who dug through Earth, returned alive. In carrying out sage Jamadagni’s orders, his son Parasurama axed his mother Renuka. Devi! persons who were equal to gods and many others had not allowed their father’s words to go in vain. I shall do what father has asked me to do. Carrying out orders of father is not an act performed by me only. This has been accepted and adopted before, by many. One who carries out his father’s orders will not suffer any loss.”
From the book “Pure Gems of Ramayana”.

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