Lessons from Ramayana

Ramayana is popular for it’s Story with great narration. It is also popular for the values that it teaches to the humankind. All of us have a lot to learn from Ramayana like how to behave with Father, Mother,  Spouse, Brothers, Friends, Teachers, Enemies, Servants and Strangers. It teaches lot of lessons on Communication, Management, Negotiation, Conflict resolution, Trust, Accountability, Leadership etc., Apart from all these, below is a great lesson from Ramayana for all of us

Sita was with Rama (Paramatma)  in forest. Looking at the golden deer, she was under illusion(Maya) and her desire to get the Deer separated her from Paramatma. It is always God’s wish to give the devotees whatever they ask for. So, Rama did not say no and attempted to fulfill her desire. Lakshmana(Satpurusha) tried to say good words but Sita did not listen. Finally Sita had to face the consequence, she was taken away from Paramatma. Sita craved for Rama in Lanka without food, spent sleepless nights to get him back. So lesson from Ramayana to the mankind is that desire will take us away from God. We need to be choosy when we  put our wishlist before the God as we may land in problems like Sita. Desire will move us towards disorder(Prakrtuhi) and take us away from Paramatma(Purusha). One should always go to the God with right desire

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