He is an Acharya through whom the divine power acts

Identifying and contacting a Sadguru, a Perfect Master, is the crux of the problem of spiritual evolution of man, both collective and individual, especially in the present times, when the mass media and fanfare have made it more of a craze than a serious pursuit. Yet, fortunately for the serious-minded, there is a hope and a clear-way: the devout study of Sree Guru Charitra.
The phenomenon is analogous to that of remote control initially, leading to immediate, personal contact: a gadget must be capable of receiving the remote commands; the seeker too has to evolve in himself, some potential which can respond positively to the subtle, all pervasive spiritual field of the Master.
The study of Sree Guru Charitra does just this for us.The study of Sree Guru Charitra focuses our inherently extrovert awareness on that spiritual potential in us, of which Sree Guru is an objective manifestation, an Archetype, a sort of reflector of our awareness on to its original Self. As we persevere diligently, our awareness gets oriented to his presence every moment of our life. At one stage, the message is strong and unmistakable: the goal, the Perfect Master is sighted. In his perpetual immediate presence, our potential matures and the Seeker and the Sought become One. Till then, Sree Guru Charitra is the Master, this end of this innate tie. And such a one never proclaims himself to the world. For him there is no world apart from his Master, no seeking for disciples and no need of constant reassurance of his credentials to anyone. The path may seem too long for some. But if one is genuinely interested in it, the pleasure of it is the journey; only such a one reaches the goal.For, it is not an outward journey with spatial and temporal implications, but is an in ward ripening. The fruit ripens through contact with the tree. 
From http://www.saibharadwaja.org/books/srigurucharitra/

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