Maricha – Saint OR Demon ?

Maricha is an important character in Ramayana, who turned the story by helping Ravana to kidnap Sita. When Ravan approached for help, Maricha was reluctant to support Ravana. Maricha told Ravana that he is leading an ascetic life like a saint by controlling his food habits. He counselled Ravana and he even did not believe Ravana when he said that Rama attacked Khara, Dushanas with no reason. Maricha felt that Rama would never do like that. Based on his conversation with Ravana, can we assume that Maricha was a changed person? Was he really a saint? Or a demon? Let us take a closer look.

Maricha discouraged Ravan when asked for help. Maricha praised the great qualities of Rama and asked Ravana to not to get into a fight with Rama. Ravana not pleased with his uncle Maricha and he wanted his plan to be executed. Maricha was Ravan’s maternal uncle as Thataki was the mother of both Maricha and Kaikasi.   Ravana told him that he would kill Maricha if he could not execute his plan. Ravana wanted Maricha to be a golden deer with attractive spots on the body and wander near the hermitage of Rama.  This Deer should be unique and beautiful, so Sita would want it. Rama and Lakshman would go for the deer giving way for Ravana to kidnap Sita.

Maricha had to take a decision; he had seen Rama twice earlier and narrowly escaped death on both the occasions. He knew that it would be impossible to escape this time. In fact, Maricha moved to Dandakaranya, which is on the banks of Godavari after his first encounter with Rama on the banks of Ganges and Sarayu at Siddhasrama. Maricha was roaming around in Dandakaranya in the form of a beast with two of his followers, killing saints and eating human flesh. When Maricha saw Rama in exile, he thought he could Kill Rama as Rama was not having any weapons in his hand. But Rama shot three arrows in no time, which killed both of his followers and Marich could narrowly escape because of his earlier experience with Rama. Out of fear, Maricha moved to further south and living in a secluded place near the sea.

Maricha decided to go with Ravana and support his plan. Maricha took this decision as he might want to die in the hands of Rama instead of Ravana. He was definitely not a changed man because he was living in a secluded place out of fear of Rama. He was not having any devotion towards Rama, it was only his fear of death made him to live a different kind of life. He moved away from Rama, though he could appreciate some of his great qualities. A sage cannot be afraid of Paramatma and move away from him, so he is definitely not a saint. If he was not killed, he could have gone back to his earlier way of living after Rama moved out of forest. Another fact, Rama killed him because he was a demon. Rama would not have killed him if he was a saint.


Lessons from Ramayana

Ramayana is popular for it’s Story with great narration. It is also popular for the values that it teaches to the humankind. All of us have a lot to learn from Ramayana like how to behave with Father, Mother,  Spouse, Brothers, Friends, Teachers, Enemies, Servants and Strangers. It teaches lot of lessons on Communication, Management, Negotiation, Conflict resolution, Trust, Accountability, Leadership etc., Apart from all these, below is a great lesson from Ramayana for all of us

Sita was with Rama (Paramatma)  in forest. Looking at the golden deer, she was under illusion(Maya) and her desire to get the Deer separated her from Paramatma. It is always God’s wish to give the devotees whatever they ask for. So, Rama did not say no and attempted to fulfill her desire. Lakshmana(Satpurusha) tried to say good words but Sita did not listen. Finally Sita had to face the consequence, she was taken away from Paramatma. Sita craved for Rama in Lanka without food, spent sleepless nights to get him back. So lesson from Ramayana to the mankind is that desire will take us away from God. We need to be choosy when we  put our wishlist before the God as we may land in problems like Sita. Desire will move us towards disorder(Prakrtuhi) and take us away from Paramatma(Purusha). One should always go to the God with right desire