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Are you game for an epic high

There is no denying the fact that kids are fond of electronic toys. But for some, playing with them isn’t just a part of life; it’s the only thing in life. Child psychologists have been reporting an increasing number of cases of electronic ‘addiction’ in not just children but even toddlers. Many harried parents complain that all hell breaks lose when they try to cut down on their kids’ screen time…


Want to target the arrow of lord Rama?

Do you want to take part in the great task that Rama and Lakshmana accomplished for the benefit of the world?

Two demons named Maricha and Subahu tried to spoil the Yaga that Viswamitra started. Viswamitra requested Rama and Lakshmana to kill those demons for the smooth execution of his Yaga…

Andhra Jyothi

The lessons that Ramayana teaches

The days of grandma teaching the epics and their morals are gone. Now in this digital age, kids have become gore gadget addicted. Our epics and sanatana dharma carries profound values that are necessary for the kids of this age. But how do we teach them those values. This Ramayana game tries to bridge that gap by introducing the great epic Ramayana to the kids through mobile games…