Are you mechanizing your Child’s brain?

This summer season, many summer camps are held for children. Things like abacus, spellbee, swimming, music etc. The objective is to ensure that children learn something without wasting summer holidays. They are anyway in a bigger rush to learn things during their school days. The parents are so anxious to make children learn so many things so that they win the rat race that they are running in the current society. The children are in a rush to learn many things and are always occupied with something or the other.

But the question is, ‘when do they think?’

By pushing them into so many things, we are only ensuring that they don’t have time to play or spend time with friends and relatives. In that process, we are also ensuring that they don’t have time to think. In other words, we are mechanizing their brains.

Marks, marks and more marks…

While it is good to get good marks, getting good marks only is not good enough to survive in this world. It is far more important to think. It is far more important to have common sense. It is far more important to face new challenges with confidence and find simple solutions to complicated problems. Above all it is far more important to be more sensible and responsible. All this comes with thinking. And the current generation of kids, sadly, seem to be losing the ability to think.

Do you agree?

Probably many parents don’t agree with me. Some might agree in principle reluctantly. In any case, our goal is to find out what is the best thing that we could do to our kids. We are trying to do some study and provide more information on this topic, but before that want to hear from. Please provide your thoughts, preferences and any other comments.